Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Glowing Groups

Sign up for a Glowing Mom's Group! Mom's groups give you a chance to meet with other moms who have the same questions and concerns that you do. We found our moms group invaluable for getting us through those firsts of motherhood (that's our current group up there and the babies in 2005 when our group first started).

We will lead the first few groups to get you going and then your group will decide when and where to meet for future meetings. We will have our first group on Wednesday, September 3rd at 10 am. If your baby was born in September or is due in September, this is your group. Send an email to sara@glowingmama.com titled moms group and give us your name, due date and phone number if you would like to be contacted for upcoming groups. We will start a new group each month. We can't wait to meet you and your baby!

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Kellie said...

Hi Faith and Sara! Great blog, I love the pics of all the kids. Congratulations on Glowing! xo Kellie